RETRO MAGAZINE: “Revolution in virtual tours world”

RETRO MAGAZINE: “Revolution in virtual tours world”

Giovanni Vagnone & Retro Magazine wrote about us in an online article, you can read the extended one by CLICKING HERE

Here you can find some paragraph extracted from the original article

By paraphrasing the title of a famous film, here is a new arrival in Turin start-up that is designed to innovate various fields related to interior design: by professional firms of the private sector, from sailing.

The idea of ​​Nigis company, founded by Stefano Nicotra and Manuele Giaccone, is to give the opportunity to all, with your tablet or smartphone, you can have an app that recreates virtual spaces in a new and comprehensive: a real their virtual tour, about halfway between the Google Maps for internal and classic rendering. In practice, it’s like being able to transform any property, yachts, space, in the classic setting of a realistic video game: you can then move into the recreated space, realize the proportions, of light, of furnishing possibilities.

One of the strengths is in fact to be able to interact with the space, not only moving at will, and turning his eyes to where you want, but above all being able to replace objects, cabinets, tables, beds, and so on and so forth. Turin “design capital” is therefore the fertile ground in which two boys, with diverse training experiences (related to information and the right) have imagined a tool that will make life easier for those who want to communicate more effectively building projects , or those who simply want to see how it would be his room if possessed otherwise what’s inside. Here’s a video example of the operation.