IL Sole 24 Ore: “Nigis overtakes the rendering, giving, in real-time the availability to customize your environmental project in VR”

The magazine "Il Sole 24 Ore" signed by Adriano Moraglio. "Si tratta del software, scaricabile da internet, che permette a chiunque, da pc o sul proprio smartphone, di vedere, nell’arco di appena 50-60 secondi, come saranno l’allestimento (muri, pavimenti e piastrellature, porte, finestre) e l’arredamento di un ambiente in base…

100 IDEE per Ristrutturare: “The Virtual Home by Mr Jack”

Giorgia Brescia and the magazine "100 idee per ristrutturare" wrote about Mr jack and the virtual home. "Say goodbye to 360 virtual tour, that's old...Today thanks to Mr Jack you're able to freely walk into any environments using your devices, optimizing times and costs requested to visit them personally..." [...]

RETRO MAGAZINE: “Revolution in virtual tours world”

Giovanni Vagnone & Retro Magazine wrote about us in an online article, you can read the extended one by CLICKING HERE Here you can find some paragraph extracted from the original article By paraphrasing the title of a famous film, here is a new arrival in Turin start-up that is…